New public tennis recreation center in Katowice Janów Poland opened to public in May 2014.
Two hard tennis courts hall was designed and bulid to meet all requirements of International Tennis Federation (ITF) including those regarding lighting. Players and spectators who follow the game experience perfect visibility performed by best quality LED light.
Creating good visibility requires a suitable contrast between objects and their surroundings and even distribution of light across the whole surface of the game area. A tennis ball, regardless of its location and speed must always be clearly visible. Amongst many other conditions, light source should never be placed directly overhead in order to avoid glare.
Average of 1800 lux illuminance level meets highest first class ITF criteria and creates outstanding playing comfort.
This all comes together with energy-saving. Efficient LED luminaires reduce power consumption by half and 100% of light power is available immediately after switching. No warm-up time needed as it is with other types of lamps. Intensity of light can be adjusted depending on needs.
Maintaining this type of LED lamps is easy, as it needs no service at all and is backed by 3 years guarantee.
Such energy effective and HIGH LUX solution used for tennis is currently the only project successfully completed in Poland.

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